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Magrudergrind - [2005] 62 Trax Of Thrash

Genre: Hardcore, Powerviolence, Grindcore
Country: Estados Unidos/USA

1. A Reaction With A Steak Knife
2. Casablanca Detonation
3. The 2nd Wave
4. Fascist Found Hung
5. End of Season Sale At Cerebral Department
6. I'd Like A Refund Or Expect Arson Against Your Place Of Business
7. Mr. Arnold Palmer? Nice Meal For Jeffrey Dahmer
8. My Inner Self Is Telling Me That Something In This Room Is At Its Unintelligent High Point..
9. Spicy Delight
10. Anti Scenester Motivation
11. Spock Cut Depletion
12. Esteem On The Floor
13. Inventory Of Flesh
14. Thresh Strike On #63
15. Circle Pit Casserole
16. My Lai Massacre
17. Letter Bomb To Real Estate Company Is Less Sign Distribution, But More Economic Value For Me
18. The Symptom Undiagnosed
19. Terror Through Exile
20. Power Client Power Washing
21. Workers Pride To Die
22. Thrash Unit Three Five Five
23. 211
24. The Stench Of My Cat's Shit Is Equivalent To Your $50 Perfume
25. Culture Of Violence
26. Blood Not Milk
27. In My Quest For The Forsaken Necro Remote, I Stumbled Across Your Mother's Lifeless Corpse Eating A Shit Burrito
28. Inhalation White Powder Substance Self-Extermination
29. Not A Happy Meal For a 13 Year Old Girl Who Found Razor Blades In Her French Fries
30. Trophy Case Full Of Decapitated Human Corpses Won At Last Year's YMCA Youth Dismemberment/Suicide Day Event
31. TPDG
32. Reversal Am Funeral
33. Pieces Of Glass Stuck In Your Bloody Knuckles
34. The Plastic Cancer
35. Served Chunky Blood Instead of Marinara Sauce
36. Slave Labor in a Cup
37. MyLeftHand (Japanese)
38. Spitting Up Sin
39. Stop Drop Sweatshop
40. Religious Baffle
41. The Fast One
42. Vomit Soup
43. MyLeftHand (English)
44. War For Oil, Spill More Blood For Soil
45. Gangrene On Your feet
46. Agnostic Technology
47. Army Of None
48. Hitler Only Had One Testicle Pt. 1
49. Humanity Aid
50. Kill To Thrash
51. Song Seven
52. Suburban Bloodshed
53. Elitists Have No Place In Hardcore
54. Hitler Only Had One Testicle Pt. 2
57. America On Alert
58. Grind / Jazz Fusion
59. 3:28 AM
60. Fuck Your Protein Source
61. Blood Covered Hands
62. Housewife Plague

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