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Framtid-Under The Ashes

2002 Japan Crust Punk

This record is BRUTAL
a fav. of me

check out this live video @youtube
i have the complete All Crusties Spending Loud Night 2002 video
so if anyone is interested,i could post it sometime

excerpt from a review:
If you ask me, Under the Ashes may very well be the flagship record of this current crust revival. Unlike World Burns to Death who throw in some Japanese influences in places and Disclose who are so faithful to the Discharge aesthetic to at times border on parody, Framtid's music is straight up crust punk done EXACTLY like it should be done. In a word, it is definitive, from the distorted guitars to the driving d-beat rhythms to the homogenous song structures to the black and white, cut-and-paste artwork.

Download :

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