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Anarchy - S/T (1980)

Sorry about the lack of updates, haven't had much access to the computer due to my arsehole of a brother, and I have been quite busy with some other things, this should change soon though. Dirk was planning on uploading this, so here it is.

Despite this band seemingly being quite popular, I don't have much info sorry. I know that they called the band Anarchy because of Anarchy In The UK, and at concerts they and the fans would wear the workers uniforms that the singers father used to wear. The band also had anti-imperialistic lyrics at concerts, but had to change them if they wanted the songs to get on record.

If I am being completely honest, and this may get me into trouble, I am not a fan of this band. They seem to be one of those wannabe british/sex pistols Japanese punk bands, like Star Club. And this album mainly consists of bad covers of good songs by The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, and so on. Also I won't bother going into the tantrum they threw when they weren't included in the film Burst City, they even started a childish feud with The Stalin over it.

But I know some of you like this band, or may like this band. So have fun!

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